Up All Night

Thanks for the guest post by Julian Figueroa

So I just finished watching the latest episode of Up All Night on my http://www.direct.tv/ channel. It as usual did not disappoint. I was literally laughing out loud in my apartment by myself. This show was about Regan the main character taking a week off from work to relax. Her husband decided that while she was home for the week he would set up some lunch meetings to get out of house for a little while. Reagan, like me, is a bit of a busy body. She can’t stay home and sit still for more than 90 seconds so she starts reorganizing everything in site. She changes the way they fold the baby’s laundry. She cleans and organizes the junk drawer in the kitchen. She even straightens out and organizes the cords behind the television set. When Chris comes home he sees that even the living room furniture has been rearranged. The funniest part of the show is when Reagan and Chris are having a conversation about how they should handle the baby’s socks. Chris thinks they should match and ball while Reagan thinks they should fold. They have a full on conversation about this and then they just start throwing socks at each other. It was pretty funny to watch.


The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Today I was thinking about how much easier my life is because of the internet in terms of being an informed consumer. Only about ten years ago, it was really difficult to read reviews, have access to lots of different retailers, and also access to certain products depending on your geographical location. Before I made a big purchase, I would of course go to the library and check out the consumer review magazines before I decided to purchase a television, washing machine, etc. I was never really able to read reviews about little things or services unless they were about beauty products and appeared in “Allure” or “Marie Claire”. Now, if you are going to buy anything, you can find reviews on-line. You can find reviews of everything from toilet paper on Amazon.com to wireless internet reviews on service review sites and also the Better Business Bureau website. Now, before I buy anything, I am searching on the internet for products with the best reviews. Quality is really important to me. I feel like I have made much better decisions consumer wise by having access to product and service reviews on the internet.

Wondering about this season of True Blood

Guest post written by Carlie SimpsonI’ve been a fan of True Blood since way back when and I’ll always be a fan of True Blood, but I’m really skeptical about this whole sub plot about fairies. I mean, fairies? There are the crazy vampires and werewolves, which totally make sense together. But then the fairies along with it really doesn’t mesh for me.

Even though I don’t like that part of the plot this season, that’s the part that I’m most curious about. I’ve been looking up as much info on it as I can find though. While I was online, I ran across the website CLEARWIREWIMAX4G.COM and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to change over my home internet service to the service.

Mainly the only spoilers that I could find about the fairies were ones from the books, which apparently are very different from what happened in teh show. That thing about them being scary and wanting to keep Sookie in their realm never happened. But I kind of suspected that.

Rizzo Tees: A cool T-Shirt Company ran by an even cooler person

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on UFAMM Ink and it feels great to be back. That said, this week I want to acknowledge one of my favorite startups, Rizzo Tees. The man behind it all Chris, calls Rizzo Tees – The Funniest T-Shirts on the Webernet. I know, it sounds lofty but if you were to see some of their designs you would definitely respect its claim. Let me get to the main reason why Rizzo Tees is one of my favorite startups — it starts and ends with the owner Chris (find out more about Chris here). Having a really cool and honest person in front of any business (big or small) is what separates great companies from the ones  that are not so great.

I met Chris via Twitter over a year ago, and I was amazed how he treated me like I was somebody. What do I mean by that you ask? Well, in this world everyone is so damn imagine conscious, everyone wants to be someone (famous). The best way to feel like you are a somebody is to ignore those beneath you. When I met Chris he had over 30,000 followers! While I only had a measly 100 or so followers. He treated me as if I were the shit *laughing*. .. he didn’t turn his nose up and ignore me when I tried to reach out to him when he easily could have — that speaks volumes to his character.

Because of his character I instantly became a customer (as you can see above ;-)). Small businesses that are local who contribute to their community is what I’m in favor of. Chris started Rizzo Tees out of his basement where it remains to this day. So, if you were ever going to support a company with your hard earned money, then this company is the one to support.

Checkout some of their cool designs below, if you like what you see then by all means click any picture to do some shopping!

Yes, what you see below is real, the Host of EpicMealTime also likes this bacon delight! I would love to rage with this guy…

Grow up Philadelphia, show Kobe Bryant some love


As a basketball fan for over 20 years, I’ve never quite understood why Kobe Bryant is so hated in his own hometown of Philadelphia. I thought after watching ESPN’s E:60 I would get the answers I’ve been waiting for but sadly I still left puzzled as to why he’s booed. I’ve never seen a city boo someone from their hometown for no legitimate reason like the way Kobe is booed in his hometown of Philadelphia. What should we expect though? This is a city that boos all of its heroes, think Allen Iverson and Donovan McNabb. In Iverson’s situation the booing only started toward the end of his Philadelphia Sixers career but with McNabb lyes a totally different situation.

Donovan McNabb has been a god sent to that Philadelphia Eagles organization, bringing the team to four NFC Championships and one Super Bowl. Was McNabb successful in bringing a Super Bowl title? No. But McNabb is responsible for bringing an unprecedented string of successful years that town has ever seen. Yet, Donovan has never and will never get the respect and love he’s always deserved from the city. But why is that?


This brings me back to Kobe Bryant. Kobe led the Lower Merion Aces to a high school championship. Yes Philly, Kobe delivered a state championship to YOUR city. So, just because he decided to skip college and go to the NBA he’s a villain? The Philadelphia 76er’s had the number one over all pick the year Bryant declared himself for the NBA draft in 96′, but instead selected Allen Iverson (not a bad pick). Kobe was selected at 13 to the Hornets and… well… the rest is history. Who cares if Philly didn’t like the fact that Kobe is playing for the Lakers in Hollywood — their team had the chance to draft him but they didn’t. Since that point Kobe has gone on to win five NBA titles (in counting) and the 76er’s have won zero. When the Lakers steam-rolled the Sixers in the 2001 finals the Philly “faithful” became even more salty and bitter with Bryant — I mean what was he suppose to do? Let the Sixers win?

I think Philadelphia fans are probably the most ungrateful fans in sports and I’ve felt this way for a while because of its treatment toward Donovan McNabb. Now with the bizarre Kobe situation my feelings have only gotten stronger. When it’s all said and done, Kobe Bryant will be one of the top 5 or 10 players to have ever played the game and if Philadelphia doesn’t want to accept him as their own then the fans from LA will.

Really, grow up Philadelphia and get over yourselves…

Earn Your Degree Online Courtesy of Find Your Education

Have you ever thought to yourself, “how am I ever going to get my Degree without the money or time?” Well, thankfully, Find Your Education is a great alternative for people who work hard with one or multiple jobs and who are just too busy to pursue their education. With Find Your Education’s Online Degree Programs, you’ll find many choices to choose from. For instance, it is widely known that the industry that will be the leader in jobs within 10 years or more, is Healthcare. Baby Boomers are beginning to retire by cashing in their nest-eggs; so taking up online degree programs in healthcare is something you may want to dive into.

Why would you someone take up an online degree program? It’s simple, the primary benefit of an online degree program is flexibility — online courses allow many people to earn their degree while still working full or part-time and for less cost it’s a win win. I for one go through community colleges, but for the past couple of years I’ve found the availability of online classes to being very serviceable. To be honest, if you remove yourself away from the college institution physically — you remove the bulk of your cost and going online helps achieve such a reality.

If you would like to get the ball rolling early and need some government assistance for school funding — make sure you grab a Free Application For Federal Student Aid http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

Playing Valentine’s bartender

Guest post written by Leeza Turner

I decided to host a Valentine’s Day themed party for my friends and I this weekend. I have a boyfriend and we have plans for Valentine’s Day, but I thought that it would be fun to just have this big party. Work’s been busy lately, so I haven’t been able to hang out with my friends as much as I’d like and I’m looking forward to catching up at the party.

But I don’t want to just serve beer at my party, I want to serve some fun Valentine’s Day mixed drinks. So I went online to find some easy recipes that I could fix for my guests, along with some classics too. While I was online looking at that, I ran across a wildbluedeals.com/and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to change over my home internet service to it.

I found a few different drink recipes that I’ve tried out myself and they’re all really good. But they’re all really fruity too, so I might have to be sure to know how to fix some basic drink recipes too.


Biggest game of the season

Guest post written by Nick Swanson

People think that just because you’re playing a sport for fun instead of for money or for your high school to put on your college application that you don’t take it seriously. But that is quite the opposite of how it actually is. See, I joined up a flag football league for adults a few years ago and since then I’ve used it as my main source of fun. I’v just made so many friends with it and it’s really helped me stay in shape. I am the worst to stay motivated to exercise, so it really worked out for me in that respect.

I’m the captain of my team. See, since we’re adults we don’t really have coaches, we just have captains instead. So I had the chore of ordering some more flags because we seem to go through those pretty quickly. I was online doing that when I saw this offer about wireless internet and decided to click and order teh service.

Well, I think that the flags that I ordered were so good quality that at the next flag football game the other team had a tough time of getting the flags to rip from their velcro holders. I didnÕt plan it that way, it just worked out.

Captain Planet: Saving the World from Pollution

The article written by Alonso Kramer

I love watching Captain Planet and the Planeteers on direct tv plano with my children. Earth, in complete and total environmental peril, is in need of a superhero to fight back and to teach the world how to be environmentally responsible. Gaia, the goddess of Earth, finds five children to help fight this environmental peril and educate the world on issues such as recycling, energy conservation, and proper waste disposal. These children are each given a magic ring. These magic rings harness the power of earth, fire, wind, water, and heart. By using the appropriate power the kids are able to fight against environmental eco villians such as Dr. Blight who uses her scientific genius to take health and vitality from the environment to supplement her own, Sly Sludge, a profiteer that deals in toxic waste, and Looten Plunder who plunders the planet for his own profit. When Planeteers powers are not strong enough to defeat their foe on their own, they combine their powers to create Captain Planet. Captain planet has the ability to stop environmental disasters on his own and the Planeteers do anything and everything they can to help.

My Generation

The article written by Alonso Kramer

Ive seen a lot of blogs popping up about the new show My Generation, so I decided that I was going to check into it and see what it is all about. From the looks of it, it looks like it is going to be an interesting new show on ABC about a group of high school friends and what their lives are like 10 years after graduating. From all of the reviews and the episode guides, I think that this show is going to be something that interests a lot of people. It seems to be taking on all of the stereotypes of people in high school and then showing how differently people can end up.

I always like seeing new shows succeed past the first season, and I think that My Generation has a good chance of doing that. The cast is mostly new, fresh actors who will hopefully be able to carry the show. The concept of the show is interesting enough to create many great story lines within one show. Just about everyone can relate to what its like to go through high school and then run into friends you haven’t seen in years. I plan on tuning in to watch the first episode on my satellite tv near Detroit.

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