Chi-Towns Nas 'IS' Better Than Nas

Why do I say or even suggest this? Well, if you really sit back and analyze the careers of both musically (leave out movies) you’ll be surprised at the major disparities. Nas is known for making perhaps one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time (in many peoples opinion) called Illmatic. Common is really known for one of the greatest if not the greatest hip hop song of all time (which is rightfully debatable) amply titled I Use To Love Her. Now let’s get into a little semantics – by breaking down all albums (or at least the important ones). First, I will put down Nas’ albums in order from first to last and I will do the same with Common, then you can simply judge on your own when of course your done with reading my blog. Album reviews done by Rolling Stone (RS) Magazine

Here are Nas’s albums:

  1. Illmatic – RS 4 stars
  2. It Was Written – RS – 2 stars
  3. I Am… – RS – 3.5 stars
  4. Nastradamus – RS – 2 stars
  5. Stillmatic – RS – 2.5 stars
  6. The Lost Tapes – RS – 4 stars
  7. God’s Son – RS – 3 stars
  8. Street’s Disciple – RS – 3.5 stars
  9. Hip Hop Is Dead – RS – 4 stars
  10. Nas (N-Word) – RS – 4 stars

Here are Common’s albums:

  1. Resurrection – RS – 4 stars
  2. One Day It’ll All Make Sense – RS – 4 stars
  3. Like Water For Chocolate – RS – 3.5 stars
  4. Electric Circus – RS – 3 stars
  5. Be – RS – 4 stars
  6. Finding Forever – RS – 3.5 stars
  7. Universal Mind Control – RS – 3 stars

Now, I know some of you are saying why not use a hip hop based source for these reviews? I used Rolling Stone because in my opinion they are more of a creditable source because they cover a wide range of music not just hip hop– although I did think they were way too tough on some of the albums listed. I didn’t want to use sources that are fan based like iTunes or Amazon — where you can find what I call a bunch of “Scrotum Scavengers” or “Scrotum Parasites” that blindly compromise their feelings towards an artist with their own fatuous ideology (unfortunately Nas is the recipient of a lot Scrotum Parasites). If you are a stat person and lived by averages, you could add all the individual album ratings and divide it by the number of albums to get your average. Nas averaged out to a 3.25 and Common averaged out to a 3.57 (ofcourse judging from RS reviews). But enough semantics lets give some straight up prospective by being honest to ourselves. Truth is, Nas has been coming up with some pretty weak albums or albums that has a bunch of weak material with some singles sprinkled around. Just because their is a couple singles sprinkled around, that doesn’t excuse an album of being weak. Some examples include Nastradamus (probably his weakest album) and Street’s Disciple which was filled with a bunch of empty tracks that had bad production and no direction. Honestly, I must say this, I happen to be a fan of both; I own albums of both of these artist– so my opinion isn’t bias. It just seems that no one is willing to call out Nas for some of his weakest works for whatever reason. If you listen to both artist you can just start by comparing the last three albums by both artist on concepts, lyrics and production– you’ll be hard press to see that Common at this point is in the lead.

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    I WOULD HAVE TO SAY NAS ON THIS ONE. COMMOM IS A BEAST HANDS DOWN BUT NAS. maybe we could count their classics ???

    p.s check out your boy CTCHILO @

  • danielle

    well, well mr.semantics, i think you shouldve recorded the years that each album was released…
    i loved nas for a long time, never loved common though.
    so in the most UNbias way, i can agree that there are a lotta people on nas’ dick. these motherfuckers are stuck in the 90s i guess-its okay to move on. and its also okay to love and respect an artist so much that when they make “different” music as the years go on, youre allowing that artist to grow and change with the time. HOWEVER. nas DID get worse.
    hes not the man anymore. garunteed hes not even respected in qbc anymore.
    i AM currently drunk–but in my opinion, if nas died before the year 2000 id probably still love his ass…….

  • Jamaal

    What’s happening young sir…I am very impressed with your abilities to intellectually communicate your thoughts and opinions on a subject matter such as this, in such non-biased manner. Fortunately, I agree with you on the fact that in past (and current years) Common’s artistry has remained more consistent than NAS. I like to use the analogy of an athlete who has had two great high scoring seasons compared to one that has averaged 24 and 10 his entire career. Think about it.

  • Kevin H.

    Nas is better overall, Common has been better recently.

  • Klusive Inc.

    Check out that S.H.I.T.- Sugar honey iced tea crewneck that Nas has on in the picture! KLUSIVE!

  • Ferreira

    Nas is a legend

  • C.Mills

    Listen yes nas from 94-2002 was a problem. However common hasn’t miss a beat since. If this man had kanye and pharrell produces his songs back in the 90’s, would we be having this conversation. Im a big nas fan since illmatic, but his last three albums, haven’t meant up to his standards. From the BE album to Mind Control Common’s albums has not been a disapointment. People are still living in the 90’s with Nas. Its 2009 and right now im giving it to Common.

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