Is Kanye Keeping it Too Real?


First and foremost, I am not so in a uproar of what Kanye did which obviously puts me in the minority. But I mean seriously, we have the opportunity to see at least one mega star who GENUINELY cares about music as an art in a whole (videos, lyrics, and production). Don’t we always criticize celebrities (especially recording artist) who are too politically correct and forget to keep it real?

Kanye truly felt that Beyonce should have won that award and according to a internet leaked MTV VMA’s Winner’s List she should have and who knows maybe he knew it and just disagreed with the “winner” MTV had chose . Besides that bombshell what is lost in this that irked me is Taylor Swift’s sense of entitlement, she paid no homage to the strong group of artist in her category that all CLEARLY had stronger videos than she had. She felt like she actually deserved it??? Beating out Beyonce (the real winner), Lada Gaga, Pink, and Brittany Spears? Come on know! I know you guys felt the same before Kanye hit the stage.

But it probably doesn’t matter their are people who still think Kanye is this self absorbed egotistical prick but I must remind you this is the same prick that gave away an award (to Outkast) because he felt he didn’t deserve it but of course most people don’t remember that.

I leave you by learning something, people criticize others for not being “real” but when they see something real they call it crazy how hypocritical is that? Kanye did leave his Apology to Taylor Swift

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  • cee cee

    Whether she deserved it or not, that was neither the time or place. Disrespectful of the other artist.

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