Rizzo Tees: A cool T-Shirt Company ran by an even cooler person

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on UFAMM Ink and it feels great to be back. That said, this week I want to acknowledge one of my favorite startups, Rizzo Tees. The man behind it all Chris, calls Rizzo Tees – The Funniest T-Shirts on the Webernet. I know, it sounds lofty but if you were to see some of their designs you would definitely respect its claim. Let me get to the main reason why Rizzo Tees is one of my favorite startups — it starts and ends with the owner Chris (find out more about Chris here). Having a really cool and honest person in front of any business (big or small) is what separates great companies from the ones  that are not so great.

I met Chris via Twitter over a year ago, and I was amazed how he treated me like I was somebody. What do I mean by that you ask? Well, in this world everyone is so damn imagine conscious, everyone wants to be someone (famous). The best way to feel like you are a somebody is to ignore those beneath you. When I met Chris he had over 30,000 followers! While I only had a measly 100 or so followers. He treated me as if I were the shit *laughing*. .. he didn’t turn his nose up and ignore me when I tried to reach out to him when he easily could have — that speaks volumes to his character.

Because of his character I instantly became a customer (as you can see above ;-)). Small businesses that are local who contribute to their community is what I’m in favor of. Chris started Rizzo Tees out of his basement where it remains to this day. So, if you were ever going to support a company with your hard earned money, then this company is the one to support.

Checkout some of their cool designs below, if you like what you see then by all means click any picture to do some shopping!

Yes, what you see below is real, the Host of EpicMealTime also likes this bacon delight! I would love to rage with this guy…

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