The ShamWow Guy

Contributed by Cameron Hodge

So I recently got a DirecTV package similar to the one’s shown on And ever since I’m addictedMy favorite infomercial is the ShamWow. The product in and of its’ self is not very interesting but the pitchman Vince Offer makes the ShamWow super absorbent towel look like it was a product sent down from Heaven. As I would watch Vince Offer pitch the ShamWow on my satellite TV I would be amazed at his enthusiasm.

I know the ShamWow may not work near as well as he claimed but he did such a great job with the ShamWow infomercials that I felt almost required to order some.

When my ShamWow towels arrived I tested them out and yes they worked great. When nobody else was at home I would put on my Bluetooth earpiece for my cell phone and try to duplicate the ShamWow infomercials.

I am a 33 year old guy and instead of trying to imitate a famous sport star here I am standing in my kitchen pretending to be the Shamwow guy. Any infomercial that gets me to try and duplicate it at home is an amazing infomercial.

ShamWow is a cool product but it is nothing fancy. When the ShamWow guy starts his pitch on TV I not only order more ShamWow towels but I also try to mimic his style in my personal life.

Our trip to Salem

Guest post written by Walter Snodgrass

I just love to go and visit historical locations. People always talk about going to Europe to see historical things – which I do want to do eventually – but there are also so many great things to see and experience here in America!

I had heard some interesting things about Salem, Massachusetts and decided to give it a try. It’s a pretty neat little town with a whole lot of things geared at tourists. I had got some hearing aids before I went because I thought I had needed them for a while and I was pretty glad that I had gotten them.

When I went and saw the house of seven gables that Nathaniel Hawthorned wrote about, I realized I probably would have had trouble picking up on everything that the tour guide said without my digital hearing aid because she talked to so fast in comparison to the southern drawl that my ears are used to hearing at home.

I loved that tour and there were a lot of neat little shops and bookstores that were just interesting by themselves. Well, I can mark Salem off my destination list now!

Tapping into your pension before 55

If you are one of the fortunate people to have had a productive working life and have earned a pension; I know you’ve thought or wondered to yourself if you should be unlocking your pension before you are 55.

I admit doing such a risky move like this can be worry some but if you are in a particularly difficult situation or you just frankly don’t want to wait any longer, this maybe the move to make. Before you make any decisions of this magnitude you should always talk to a financial advisor. I’m not trying to entice you to do anything that may or may not hurt your nest egg for retirement.

What I can say is a company that seems to have their priorities in line with what products they offer you, so my advice is if you are thinking about something like is to contact them for a free consultation (via the link in the first paragraph).

Sightseeing in LA

Guest post written by Karen Reuter

I had never been to Los Angeles before so when my granddaughter told me she was going to UCLA for school I was excited to visit her and already started making plans. I just got back from my second visit to see her.

This year she’s a junior and got an apartment near campus with a few of her friends she made from her classes. So she moved in a little before the semester and I thought that would be the perfect time for her to take me around sightseeing again because when I visited before she had classes and we didn’t get to do as much stuff together because of that.

So one of the things we did this year was ride around the city on a sightseeing bus where a tour guide talks on a microphone about what you’re seeing and there’s no roof on the bus. When we were on the bus I had a lot of trouble actually hearing the tour guide talk and mentioned it. One lady that was on there said she got her hearing aides BROOKLYN and another said she sent to miracle ear Jacksonville. So after I went home I stopped by miracle ear CINCINNATI and got some hearing aids.

I was so glad to actually get to spend more time with my granddaughter this time and got to see all of her favorite places to go there.

My Secret Fantasy Football Strategy

This guest post from Walter Horn

It’s almost that time of year again. If you’re like mostfantasy football players, you have already been to the store for the latest magazines, you’ve been online to find out the injury updates on all the players, and you have begun talking smack with your friends and/or opponents. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a successful draft. It seems to turn out that the ones who talk the most trash usually perform the worst during the season. Do you want to be that guy? Didn’t think so. But, it doesn’t matter, you’re still going to talk all that trash because that’s the type of person you are. It’s not a bad thing. Some people just like to talk. Other people like to win.

I have devised a killer draft strategy for this season. Once I log-on to my hughs net for this year’s draft and my team name is called, I’m taking a quarterback. That’s right – a quarterback. This whole strategy about talking a running back with your first pick is getting old. It doesn’t work anymore. If you want to win, you have to change with the times. Since teams throw more these days, you’re going to score more points with a QB than a RB. That’s why I’m not only picking a QB with my first pick, but with my second pick as well. I might be laughed at during the draft, but I’ll be the one laughing via internet by hughes net packages come playoff time.

Irresistible Smiles can hook your smile up!

Irresistible Smiles is a credible company that knows what their doing when it comes to improving the smiles of those in need. They are a stand up company with lots of transparency, their not some company who seems unreachable by any means. With an easy to reach contact form on the home page along with actual pictures of their office along with a Facebook page it shows the dedication they have to prove to you about their credibility.

Irresistible Smiles’ head doctor is Dr. Safarian who was voted the best cosmetic dentist in the Carmel Valley/Del Mar area by the carmel valley newspaper and that’s one reason why they consider themselves the best cosmetic dentistry in san diego. They offer plenty of services in the cosmetic field such as Dental implants, gum disease, tooth colored-fillings, orthodontics, full mouth restoration, crowns, inlays, and onlays, root canal and oral surgery just to name a few. So if your in that area give em’ a call.

Dr. Pistone’s hair restoration is only a click away

Suffering from an eroding hair line can be horrifying especially at an early age so the thoughts of seeking an opinion or consultation on what to do with your hair line is vital. I know your probably saying hair transplant cost is extremely costly commanding from $2,500 to $9,000 price range.

But let me ask you did ever think to yourself the amount of money you could spend in finally ending your hair loss problem once and for all, compared to spending up to $10,000.00 annually on bunch of temporary fixes? It makes more economic sense to save your money and just get it over with.

I’ll give another example like when it’s time to re-pave your driveway, most people do the cheap quick fix which is paving your driveway with asphalt. Is it cheaper? Yeah, but will it truly solve your problem for a long time to come? No. Its better to save your money and pave the driveway with concrete because it last longer. I hope you understand my metaphor and consider taking care of your problems once and for all not just to solve something quickly to get by day to day.

ATTN Bloggers: Stay away from Paying Post or Blog Advertising Store it’s a SCAM

I thought I had to post something quick for you viewers out there who happen to blog, who either get paid to do so or are at least inquiring information into companies who actually pay you for your services. Well, I myself have ran into a problem with the latest scam of a company Paying Post or Blog Advertising Store– as their reffered to now. They are using blogger’s time and energy along with their platforms (websites) to spread the word about advertiser’s and their products and in return they aren’t paying.

They have a bs policy that consist of a payout threshold of $100, once you reach that threshold you are paid on the 1st of the month through your Paypal account (given that you’ve hit the mark before the 1st of the month). Well, as I found out this isn’t the case in fact this is far from the case, these guys are simply not paying. Here it is the 12th of the month and I still haven’t received the money they owe me (which is $158).

Something told me to just Google the company and see what comes up, sure enough bad publicity was all over the search results. I went to this one forum that had every single person that commented basically state to others that they had a payout problem and that the company doesn’t respond when you contact them– you can find the forum here with my comment as well.

So in a nut shell, if you are a blogger like myself and actually inquire some knowledge on making money doing this, you must stay cognitive to sham companies like this so you won’t waste your time and energy like I have unfortunately. Soon, I will release a post listing all the official paid to blog websites that at least I have dealt with.

Here’s some more links to articles talking about being a SCAM:

My all time Favorite Television Show

Posted by Darwin Garza

By far my favorite television show that I watch on the channels my cable tv offers is Investigation Discovery 48 Hours Hard Evidence. This show covers true life crimes and events that have taken place all around the world in many different states and countries. The show is hosted by several big name television reporters. My favorite is Maureen Maher. She really has a way with words and her jackets are to die for. There is no need for me to record this show, because if I missed a show they are always replaying them. The show goes deep into the topic and interviews the victims, the accusers and the police that worked on or closed the cases. The emotions are deep and some of the stories are very heart breaking. From murder to baby selling this show delivers the truth on these cases. 48 Hours Hard Evidence is shown all through the day and even late at night. The show not only tells about the case but tells about the victim, how the family is affected by not having that person around anymore. Many of the shows that are broadcasted I have heard about in the news but not in the detail that this show puts out.

Time to Return to School

Contribution by Katheryn Raymond

My kids are very excited today and they are not alone. It is time to start shopping for them to return to school. We received our list of school supplies in the mail yesterday. I told them we would start shopping first thing in the morning. My kids were up and dressed before me, which is strange because they normally sleep late. My daughter made sure the younger kids were dressed. All I had to do was get dressed and then we were going to grab breakfast from a fast food restaurant. As I came down the stairs, my kids were waiting on me. My oldest daughter held the supply list in her hand. I told them get in the van. I needed to set the Home Security alarm before we could leave to go shopping. We picked up breakfast and decided our first stop would be the office supply store. They are having a sale and we have a lot of paper, pens, and notebooks to buy. After we pick up these items, we headed for the mall to purchase three new backpacks. My goal was to complete all of our school supply shopping in one day and I succeeded.

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